Subject AW: [IBO] Numeric(10,2) from Domain gives TIBOBCDfield in Delphi!?
Author Christian Kaas
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> Is there some reason why you dont want NUMERIC/DECIMAL fields to be
> implemented as BCD? If you are treating such fields as float/double
> at the client, why are you not using float/double at the database?

This is a matter on what tool you use to design your DB model. In my
case i use powerdesigner/datarchitect (Powersoft).
Currently the program runs in IB/IBObjects but later i have to port to
I defined the ansi standard field types numeric(10,2) to store my
currency values in (which seems perfect to me).

I wouldn't care about having either tfloat fields or tbcsfields in
delphi but getting them mixed up depending on which versio n i use is a
little surprising and sometimes even confusing...

Also as having to port the app. i NEED TDatasets there is no stuff
comparable nor compatible when using 2 different access layers to 2 dbs.

Anyone tried 3.6D release yet (i cannot until i shipped the next version
of my app).

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