Subject Re: [IBO] Numeric(10,2) from Domain gives TIBOBCDfield in Delphi!?
Author Geoff Worboys
> Of course not - but programmers are lazy bones! I just hit
> reply on an old message...

You are welcome to be lazy, but please turn off your automatic
quoting - and be prepared to accept that occassionally a post may be
missed. I was just using the "group by conversion" and while your
message did show up as a separate item in this layout I am not sure
that will always be the case.

I use reply quoting, but I try to cut it down to just those sentences
that indicate which section of an email I am speaking about. It
people want the entire thing they can simply look at the previous
postings. Inserting (in some cases the last 3 or 4) emails in full is
a waste time and bandwidth. I may have a cable connection but I am
very sympathetic to those will slower connections because I used to
have one. (And here I am rambling on and wasting bytes ;-)

> Accepted - but what surprises me is the fact that some days
> ago some fields where floats and now if i remove and add
> them they become BCD fields...

The consequence of TDataset and persistent field definitions. I like
the dynamic native stuff, your surprises come as soon as you install
the update, not six months later when you happen to reset a particular

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing