Subject Re: [IBO] ib_query ignores my data!
Author Jason Wharton
I am more in favor of a column type based rule than a column length based
rule on the default trimming behavior. I also think that CHAR columns are
expected to be fixed length and so trimming is mostly likely undesirable
there. VARCHAR on the other hand is meant to be variable length so trimming
is most likely welcomed there.

How does this sound to everyone?

Just so you know how this change will affect people... I am currently right
trimming both CHAR and VARCHAR column types. If you have a name column as
CHAR after this change you are going to get padding spaces at the end of all
your columns. Perhaps this should only be done by changing the minor version
number to IBO v3.7 and also do it in IBO v4. Or, should I just do this in
IBO v4 and leave 3.x totally alone here?

Thanks for all the input on this important issue.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] ib_query ignores my data!

> Jason
> > Here's what I would like to do here. I want to make it so that by
> default
> > there is no trimming of spaces when the SQLLen of the text column
> is only 1.
> I thought this issue had long been forgotten - I'm very impressed
> that it's surfaced again :-)
> My vote is
> Not trimming CHAR and Right Trim VARCHAR by default. It what I
> assumed would be the case and caused the problem in the first place.
> Regards
> Paul