Subject RE: [IBO] AV on datamodul
Author Kevin Stanton
No maliciousness whatsoever. I am very glad that the AVs don't hit at
runtime. I've just learned to live with them during design time. I
exit/kill Delphi several times a day. Just makes me a bit nervous - I have
a huge app and I can't afford anything getting corrupted.

I would love to put some time into this and try to figure it out.

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Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2001 7:43 AM
Subject: Re: [IBO] AV on datamodul


without any intension of being malicious, I'm quite happy, that I'm not
the only one out there ....

No, I haven't went through many updates with this version. Started with
3.5Ai and just did the update to the recent 3.6Cg yesterday (trying to
get rid of it that way).

I think I'm running out of ideas now.

And re-installing Delphi's not quite an option for me. This would be
another 4 hours setting the system up, the way I need (and like) it.

So, any other hint's still welcome...


Kevin Stanton schrieb:
> Ya know, I have the same exact problem - AVs during designtime -
> Same exact situation as Lucas.
> Lucas, I am curious, has your app been thru many updates of IBO? I know
> mine has and it seems the "older" TIB_Querys have the problem. Any new
> datamodule I create works perfectly. It is certainly a hassle because
> Delphi does hang when exiting then you have to kill it.
> I too delete absolutely everything from my system when
updating/installing a
> new IBO version.
> Sure would be nice to figure this one out!
> Kevin

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