Subject Problem with IB on linux machine
Author Piotr Trocewicz
Hello !
Maybe someone could help:
I have IB 6.01 installed on RH 6.1 - and with this machine everything is ok
(my application works fine).
During developing I use machine with Win2000 and IB 6.01 installed (also
works ok.)
Yesterday I wanted to run final version of my application on a local server
with RH 7 -
and here we go --> when I'm trying to run my application I got message:
Failed to estabilish a secondary connection for event processing (yes, I
use IB_Event components --
if i remove ib_events everything seems to work ok again).
Worse thing is that i need to restart server to connect again : (
I think that problem is somewhere in Linux configuration but I don't know
what to look for...
I also tried with RH 6.2 and Firebird - still nothing.

Please help me someone...