Subject Re: [IBO] How to Detect Whether Conection is Lost.
Author Jason Wharton
If there is blocking going on I doubt there is anything that can be done.
Fortunately I have never dealt with this type of problem before. Perhaps
some others will share their experiences.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] How to Detect Whether Conection is Lost.

> Dear Friends,
> I have IB_Connection on Main Form which is always on screen.
> Main form has menu and
> each menu item is connected to some form which is created on
> fly and destroyed when closed.
> Each sub form has its own IB_Query and transaction
> components to handle interface part as needed
> but each query shares IB_Connection on main form.
> We faced a typical problem on a site (which has NT server
> and 10 users connected to it through
> 10 baseT ether net, protocol for IB is TCP/IP). The hub
> started giving intermittent problem.
> Which resulted in loss of connection bent client and server.
> The first visible sign was
> the nodes started hanging ( Application started showing
> 'APPLICATION_NAME (Not Responding)' when
> user tried famous <Ctrl><Alt><Del> (the first thing
> everybody tries when no response
> from M$ based applications).
> In future to detect such problems in code and showing
> message about lost connection with server
> is there any way ? We found that if we wait for long time
> (10/15 min a exception pops about server not responding). is
> there any facility to detect it earlier and show users
> message or take
> any corrective/preventive measures?
> Thanks
> R. S. Patil