Subject RE: [IBO] Pb with transaction
Author Boris LATOUR
My versions :
Delphi 4
IBO : 3.6 Cf

What do you mean by the callstack of the error ?

The error message show this too : TIboInternalDataSet:



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Envoyé : mardi 20 mars 2001 15:00
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Objet : Re: [IBO] Pb with transaction


> I have a little problem on transaction :
> In my configuration i use the autocommit property.
> In my code, i use :
> Bdd.StartTransaction
> xx
> xx
> if ShowModal = mrOk then (Display my record form)
> Bdd.Commit
> else
> Bdd.Rollback;
> The problem is on some records when i discard the change (it's never the
> first time), i obtain sometimes the following message :
> ISC : 335544569
> Sql Error Code : -504 - Cursor Unknown
> But this problem never occurs automatiquely. It's randoming.
> I can perhaps use the monitor but i don't know how it works.

What are the versions of the stuff you are using? Delphi? IBO? etc?

What is the callstack of the error?

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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