Subject How to Detect Whether Conection is Lost.
Author R. S. Patil
Dear Friends,

I have IB_Connection on Main Form which is always on screen.
Main form has menu and
each menu item is connected to some form which is created on
fly and destroyed when closed.
Each sub form has its own IB_Query and transaction
components to handle interface part as needed
but each query shares IB_Connection on main form.

We faced a typical problem on a site (which has NT server
and 10 users connected to it through
10 baseT ether net, protocol for IB is TCP/IP). The hub
started giving intermittent problem.
Which resulted in loss of connection bent client and server.
The first visible sign was
the nodes started hanging ( Application started showing
'APPLICATION_NAME (Not Responding)' when
user tried famous <Ctrl><Alt><Del> (the first thing
everybody tries when no response
from M$ based applications).

In future to detect such problems in code and showing
message about lost connection with server
is there any way ? We found that if we wait for long time
(10/15 min a exception pops about server not responding). is
there any facility to detect it earlier and show users
message or take
any corrective/preventive measures?


R. S. Patil