Subject Failed to post all datasets?
Author Lukas Zeller
I have a relatively simple form with 3 TIB_Query components,
3 Datasources and 3 TIB_Grids, a common TIB_Transaction for all
3 datasets. The TIB_Connection is on another form (the app's
main form). 2 Queries are independent, the third is a read-only
detail query of the first linked with MasterParamLinks.

The form has an Apply-Button which calls the Transaction's
CommitRetaining method and an OK-Button which calls the
Transaction's Commit method.

What happens is that when I first start the application
(the form can be destroyed and re-instantiated several times
without repeating the effect), insert a new record,
and then click on OK or Apply, I always get a "Failed to post
all Datasets" exception, and the Dataset remains in Insert state.
When I click the same button again, the new record is posted
and the transaction is commited as it should.

I tried to trace into this, but the relevant stuff happens
somewhere in the sources I don't have access to (I have
a partial source license only).

It must be my fault because I have many other similar forms
which work ok; but I can't figure out what dataset fails to
post and why it works at the second attempt.

Any idea or experience what condition can cause a "failed to
post all datasets" error?
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