Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery woes
Author Jason Wharton

Please send me you little app and GDB if necessary ASAP.

I will look at this and try to solve it.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] TIBOQuery woes

> Hello.
> I've run short on ideas after several hours of fiddling. To prove this is
> not a problem with other factors, I put a TIBODatabase and in the same
> TIBOQuery-TDataset-TDbGrid and TIB_Query-TIB_Dataset-TIB_Grid
> When I click the button to open the compatibility components, I see absurd
> results in the grid. When I click the button to open IBO-native
> I see the right results. Of course, both datasets have the same statement.
> My major problem is the fact that the SQL statement contains three fields
> defined as numeric(15,2) in dialect 3. TIBOQuery maps them as TIBOBCDField
> but the results are wrong. For example, being one field's value zero (and
> reported as zero in TIB_Grid and isql.exe), I see a bizarre
> 1951892556751,3668 in TDbGrid. When I open the result set in the
> internal dataset by calling the Query editor, I see correct results, so
> problem is between the internal dataset and the TDataset wrapper.
> Any ideas to fix this ASAP are welcome. It seems that I did not previously
> use exact numerics with compatibility components but I need some
> I didn't create persistent TFields. (Why did I agree to show a demo to a
> person before checking if the thing would work?)
> C. (After 10 #$%^&* days of fighting several tech issues.)
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