Subject TIBOQuery woes
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
I've run short on ideas after several hours of fiddling. To prove this is
not a problem with other factors, I put a TIBODatabase and in the same form,
TIBOQuery-TDataset-TDbGrid and TIB_Query-TIB_Dataset-TIB_Grid arrangements.
When I click the button to open the compatibility components, I see absurd
results in the grid. When I click the button to open IBO-native components,
I see the right results. Of course, both datasets have the same statement.
My major problem is the fact that the SQL statement contains three fields
defined as numeric(15,2) in dialect 3. TIBOQuery maps them as TIBOBCDField
but the results are wrong. For example, being one field's value zero (and
reported as zero in TIB_Grid and isql.exe), I see a bizarre
1951892556751,3668 in TDbGrid. When I open the result set in the TIBOQuery's
internal dataset by calling the Query editor, I see correct results, so the
problem is between the internal dataset and the TDataset wrapper.
Any ideas to fix this ASAP are welcome. It seems that I did not previously
use exact numerics with compatibility components but I need some workaround.
I didn't create persistent TFields. (Why did I agree to show a demo to a
person before checking if the thing would work?)

C. (After 10 #$%^&* days of fighting several tech issues.)
Claudio Valderrama C.
Ingeniero en Informática - Consultor independiente