Subject Re: [IBO] Big Batch...
Author Geoff Worboys
> Thanks for the reply. I'm trying it now with the
> dsql component. However, all I've done is set the SQL
> property to use the previoulsy mentioned INSERT statement.
> It's executing one row at a time as I write this, no
> more quickly than the TIBOQuery did. Is there a better
> approach to doing this? Or should I continue to pursue
> doing this in multiple threads?

I suppose the question is; How fast is it going?

From my experience you should probably be getting well over 1000
records per second for the simple table described. On good hardware
the figure could be more than 10 times this figure (from what I have
heard, not seen). It should hopefully be obvious that speed will tend
to drop off quickly if your tables include blobs.

If you are not getting speed around this level then there is something
wrong. Probably your loop is not tight enough, or you are calling
ProcessMessages to often.

It is likely that you may have seen faster figures on a local Paradox
database, since it does not have to worry about such insignificant
issues as data integrity :-)

> Incidentally, I'm parsing the data into TStringLists prior
> to inserting into the database. Is there any in memory
> structure that I could use to just jam the stringlist's
> strings into the table all at once? You know,
> one big simultaneous transaction? Just a thought.

You could write a component that appeared to do that - but it would
still be a dsql sitting in a tight loop sending record after record to
the server.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing