Subject Re: [IBO] Big Batch...
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Geoff Worboys wrote:

> I suppose the question is; How fast is it going?

4+ minutes, 14K+ inserts.

> From my experience you should probably be getting well over 1000
> records per second for the simple table described.

I don't think so..

> On good hardware

Workstation : 533mhz Celeron 128MB Ram
Server : Dual-Proc PPRO 200MHZ - unfortunately, disk is IDE, no RAID or
anything. But with one user, shouldn't be a significant performance

> It should hopefully be obvious that speed will tend
> to drop off quickly if your tables include blobs.

No blobs in this one.

> If you are not getting speed around this level then there is something
> wrong. Probably your loop is not tight enough,

See anything here that could be tightened up?

for i := 1 to tsl2.Count do
+ tsl2.Strings[i-1] + ''')';
dsql.ExecSQL ;

> or you are calling
> ProcessMessages to often.

Not calling it at all. How would that apply here?

> It is likely that you may have seen faster figures on a local Paradox
> database, since it does not have to worry about such insignificant
> issues as data integrity :-)

BTW, I've tried both indexed and unindexed, primary key and no primary
key approaches, no difference is evident. Currently table is unindexed,
no primary key.

I empty the table each time, then run the above listed routine.

> You could write a component that appeared to do that - but it would
> still be a dsql sitting in a tight loop sending record after record to
> the server.

Just a thought.

Again, when I tried to use multiple threads to speed this up, I get
connection read or write errors. Since this is a 100mbit lan connection,
using 6 ft CAT5 RJ45 cables connected to the same switch, I don't think
this is truly connection related. All NICS are 100BT. I use the IP
Address of the Database Server for the ServerName property on the
IB_Connection component, so there should be no DNS queries.

Below is the .DFM code which illustrates some of the settings:

object Table1: TIBOTable
Active = True
DatabaseName = '*.*.*.*:f:\ib_db\tradedata\ibqd.gdb'
IB_Connection = database1
TableName = 'SYMBOLS'
Left = 396
Top = 418
object database1: TIB_Connection
DefaultTransaction = IB_Transaction1
Params.Strings = (
'USER NAME=********'
Left = 286
Top = 400
object IB_Transaction1: TIB_Transaction
IB_Connection = database1
AutoCommit = True
Isolation = tiConcurrency
Left = 504
Top = 408
DatabaseName = '*.*.*.*:f:\ib_db\tradedata\ibqd.gdb'
IB_Connection = database1
Left = 226
Top = 136

Will keep plugging away...



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