Subject Re: [IBO] Re: OT: Messages Out of Sync
Author Paul Schmidt

On 14 Mar 2001, at 20:42, Aage Johansen wrote:

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Subject: [IBO] Re: OT: Messages Out of Sync

> Paul Schmidt wrote:
> ... some good ideas on using a database for storing mails ...
> I think you are onto something good, but there are a few hurdles along
> the way. Just removing Re:, double Re:'s, along with AW:, SV:, and
> probably others and more is one little problem. Handling digest is
> another. If the digest generation is done in short intervals, you may
> not be able to effectlively thread messages (since there may just be a
> few messages in each digest) With long intervals, it will take some
> time before you can see answers to a post. Today (I think), digests
> are sent after 25 messages (or sometimes 26) _or_ after some
> (predefined) interval. The current situation doesn't bother me much,
> but I agree that threading would be a very good thing.
> If you write an application, maybe any preferences could be catered
> for (on a per user basis), like:
> * Size and frequency of digests.
> * Marking a thread for immediate dispatch (send mails as they
> arrive,
> don't wait for next digest).

A good idea, a digest that sends after so many messages or a certain
period has elapsed. There should probably be a fixed set of options,
so that we don't end up with a computer doing nothing but produce

Marking threads for immediate dispatch is a good idea as well. How
about this, threads that start with a message from you, get an
immediate reply from the system so you can mark them for immediate
dispatch without waiting for the next digest.


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