Subject Re: [IBO] IBO Support Environment
Author Paul Schmidt

I think that the traffic on this list shows that the IBO help is in
serious need of enhancement, I don't know if adding some of the
traffic from here in an automated manner is the proper way to go. I
think that the real answer for a group of people, probably from this
list, to take the help file, and look at every page, review it, make
changes to it, then circulate the changed text to others for review,
once a page is completed, it goes to Jason, who incorporates it into
the "new" help file.

The review team would look at the list traffic to see where the
deficiencies are, if there have been 25 question about GeneratorLinks
then obviously that is an area where there is a need to add more


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Subject: Re: [IBO] IBO Support Environment

> Hi again,
> Far fetched but what if IBO online help would be included in there and
> allow for users to submit correction, demos, extra information..... I
> find answers within this list that would greatly enhance the help file
> but have no way to input into it and some of it is probably lost
> somewhere in the archive. A simple click of a button from someone
> validating the content would suffice in letting other benefit from
> better content. HTML files could easily be generated from the DB for
> all to use. An all in one place for user to get the full IBO
> experience.
> Think BIG !
> ...
> >
> > I plan to do this once I get IBO v4 out the door.... Perhaps we
> > could
> start
> > building up a feature list for now? I have some ideas but I would
> > like to know what things you all would like to see in it too. For
> > certain categories, better threading, searchable archives are a part
> > of it. I
> would
> > also like it to feed into FAQ and TI sheets, allow peer rating and
> > annotations, last modified, see also links (which users can
> > generate). Another thing I want is email notification if a thread is
> > responded to.
> >
> > Would this be a welcomed effort by the community?
> >
> > Jason Wharton
> > CPS - Mesa AZ
> >
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