Subject IBO Support Environment
Author Jason Wharton
I would very much like to develop a customized knowledge base/support
environment for IBO. In fact, I would like to make it generic so it can host
other things as well. I feel like there is a great niche waiting to be
filled because list servers and newsgroups just don't cut it.

Here's what I would like. Each person has a local GDB file on their client
which serves as the local cache so that they can connect, sync up, and then
disconnect. This should serve the purposes of those who don't want to be
connected to the internet while they do their thing.

Others will be able to be connected and receive real-time notifications of
new messages. If you are traveling and away for a while I would want a web
interface that would allow all of the capabilities but they would just use
the centralized database (or most likely a replicated version of it.) Also,
a SMTP and NMTP interface would be great so that those who like lists and
NG's can continue to do their thing.

I know this isn't a simple undertaking but I think it would be well worth
the effort.

I plan to do this once I get IBO v4 out the door.... Perhaps we could start
building up a feature list for now? I have some ideas but I would like to
know what things you all would like to see in it too. For certain
categories, better threading, searchable archives are a part of it. I would
also like it to feed into FAQ and TI sheets, allow peer rating and
annotations, last modified, see also links (which users can generate).
Another thing I want is email notification if a thread is responded to.

Would this be a welcomed effort by the community?

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ