Subject Re: OT: Messages Out of Sync
Author Aage Johansen
Paul Schmidt wrote:
... some good ideas on using a database for storing mails ...

I think you are onto something good, but there are a few hurdles along the way.
Just removing Re:, double Re:'s, along with AW:, SV:, and probably others
and more is one little problem. Handling digest is another. If the digest
generation is done in short intervals, you may not be able to effectlively
thread messages (since there may just be a few messages in each
digest) With long intervals, it will take some time before you can see
answers to a post. Today (I think), digests are sent after 25 messages (or
sometimes 26) _or_ after some (predefined) interval.
The current situation doesn't bother me much, but I agree that threading
would be a very good thing.

If you write an application, maybe any preferences could be catered for (on
a per user basis), like:
* Size and frequency of digests.
* Marking a thread for immediate dispatch (send mails as they arrive,
don't wait for next digest).

Aage J.