Subject Re: [IBO] More than one Lookup combo to one dataset
Author Jason Wharton
Excellent! This is something that provides an even better solution. I
believe I have it now so that you can also embed this control on the IB_Grid
control as well.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] More than one Lookup combo to one dataset

> Hi,
> well the method I generally use in cases like this is to do it with a
> normal TIB_ComboBox.
> I get the Data once and then either fill all the Comboboxes or Cache it
> somewhere and fill as needed.
> Then I put my surrogate key into the ItemValues and my Display Values into
> Items.
> Then I change the Style to csDropDownList, connect to the relevant IBO
> field and I'm done.
> If all the surrogate keys have the same name in the database or are always
> the first field (field 0)
> then it's easy to write a procedure that you just give a Dataset and a
> Combobox and it extracts the
> correct values automatically and put them in the Items and ItemValues for