Subject RE: [IBO] IBO Support Environment
Author Tom Munro Glass
Have you heard of or used the WikiWikiWeb (see for details)? I haven't had a chance
to fully check this out, but at first glance it seems to offer a web site
that anyone can edit or make additions to.

You could start off with the existing IBO help info, and users could add to
this to fill in any gaps they find, as well as correcting errors etc.


Tom Munro Glass

> Far fetched but what if IBO online help would be included in
> there and allow
> for users to submit correction, demos, extra information.....
> I find answers
> within this list that would greatly enhance the help file but
> have no way to
> input into it and some of it is probably lost somewhere in
> the archive. A
> simple click of a button from someone validating the content
> would suffice
> in letting other benefit from better content. HTML files
> could easily be
> generated from the DB for all to use. An all in one place for
> user to get
> the full IBO experience.