Subject Re: [IBO] Help on stored procedures/trigger
Author Marc Leclerc

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Help on stored procedures/trigger

> This is not multi-user safe. If two users create a new entry and the
> same time they will receive the same number. Presuming you have a
> unique index on this field (to force the rejection of duplicate
> entries) then perhaps this is acceptable - if you only have a few
> users and the likelyhood of two creations at the same time is minimal.

Yes it was very minimal with the paradox app and done on the BeforePost
handler and this is the actual primary key of the table.

> You can reduce the risk of conflict by delaying the sequence creation
> until the entry is committed - although there is no way of duplicating
> this at the server trigger level which appeared to be where this
> question started.

Yes that is my problem, the app under IB will likely be using the same DB
for more
users therefore lies my wanting to process this on the server side using
triggers. Should
I consider writting a UDF for this purpose, I do not beleive that UDF are
serialized ?.


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