Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Grid delete record
Author Lucas Franzen
mike@... schrieb:
> THANK YOU, HELEN, that was just the information I needed!
> One last thing though. My last question was related to scrolling
> through the grid... as I move through the grid from record to record,
> what event would be best used to obtain data from each record as it
> becomes selected, so that I can display that data (timestamp data,
> last editor, etc.) on the statusbar?

You can use IB_Controls (IB_Edits, IB_Checkboxes etc.) to show detaul
information of the current record. All you have to do is to connect
these components to the datasource and a datafield.

If you need to know when a record changed by scrolling in the grid you
can use the OnDataChange of the Datasource. As soon as the field param
is NIL the record changed. If Field is not nil the user moved
horizontally within the grid (ie moved from one field to another).