Subject Grid delete record
Author Mike Lewis
I am a newbie to IBObjects, but have purchased "Getting Started" and looked at the tutorials and manuals, and can't figure this one out.

I've placed a TIB_Grid on a form and linked it to a TIB_Query and TIB_DataSource, also placed on the form. The query runs against a single table with 4 fields (it is a lookup table for several tables in the database) and is SELECT *. I indicated the single key field ("ID") in the KeyLinks list. Since it is a generator field, I also indicated it in the GeneratorLinks field as "ID=BA_ID" (BA_ID is the name of the generator). I did not indicate any additional SQL.

I then placed a TIB_Navigator bar and TIB_Update bar on the form, and linked them to the same TIB_DataSource.

1) In order to make the TIB_Update bar work for anything other than adding records (edit, delete), I had to set RequestLive to true. Your support documents seem to indicate that this step is unnecessary.

2) When I set RequestLive to true and run the application, everything appears to work fine, except I can't delete the records I add in that "session." Yet, if I close the form and then re-open it, I am then able to delete the record. EXCEPT, the generated ID for the record I added in the previous session is always 1 more than it had been at the time of insert!! How is this additional increment getting called?

3) What event is thrown when the user changes records in the grid? I want to put the TIB_Query and TIB_DataSource in a datamodule, but need to update the form's statusbar with data from a field from each record (the last update timestamp, last editor, etc.)

Mike Lewis
Dallas, TX

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