Subject Re: [IBO] View, filter or ... ?
Author Nando Dessena
Hi Helen,

> although each datamodule does use a form handle.
> (Back in Win16 days and 8 megs of RAM, we used to care about such things!)

Untrue. Datamodules do not use form handles, and unfortunately the
amount of available memory has no impact on the amount of handles you
can use in Win16 and Win95.
At the risk of getting OT... ;-)

I must also say that I agree on everything else on this topic. Views are
not designed for this purpose; I'd prefer to use parameters, but I don't
see how a dynamically constructed SQL query (without parameters, that
is) could lead to problems, except for the fact that you lose the
possibility to prepare once and execute several times (but in the case
of select queries this is not going to make much difference in speed).