Subject Re[3]: [IBO] View, filter or ... ?
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:42 PM 04-03-01 +0200, you wrote:

>can I find on the Internet a document with some performance tips for Interbase ?

see, down near the bottom is a download, "Ten Things you can Do to Make InterBase Scream", by Bill Karwin.

See also, in the documentation areas, lots of small and not-so-small papers on various topics.

>I mean for example that I've created some month ago a program for
>media monitoring (radio,tv,newspapers) and stuff. Everything is going
>fine, but the database is like 60Mb now, filled especially with BLOB
>fields containing RTF files (the articles, in fact; RTF because I
>needed alignments, colours etc). Getting a report out of that database
>was under 1 min in the first weeks...not it's like 10 minutes and more
>each day. What can I do to improve performance (i'm testing now
>various indexm but without much improvements) ? What BLOB type should
>I choose for RTF streams ? (right now the client wants to move into
>multimedia world and make the database with AUDIO and eventually VIDEO
>fields...which whould make the whole thing even slower :( ).

Blobs will be slow across the network - if you are making reports containing the blobs, network trafffic will be slowing you down - the more blobs, the slower the reports will be.

As always, work HARD to deliver to clients only the data they are actually likely to want.

Oh, and if you are running reports on the same machine as the database, it's a killer. The database wants its own machine and to have the CPU all to itself. Reports hog CPU.


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