Subject Calculated fields
This is probably not only an IBO situation but I have a question
regarding calculated fields on an IBOTable.

I have defined a calculated field which is evaluated in the
oncalcfields event. My problem is that I am getting an
error 'dataase not in edit mode' every time I assign the calculated
field a value in the oncalcfield event, when the table's state is
dsBrowse. I can understand the logic (I Think!) behind this from the
point of view that I am assigining a value to a field from the
dataseset, which it then attempts to write to the database, My
question is how do I stop it.

Is there a way to have the oncalcfield event fire and to be able to
assign the calculated field value without the table objecting.
Similar calculated fields work fine in an IBOQuery - but the again
the result set will not be live.

Stewart Bourke