Subject Re: [IBO] Schema Cache table
Author Geoff Worboys
> Am trying to figure out this schema cache table business
> to enhance performance over a phone line
> Any advice appreciated

Firstly, dont use the schema cache until your database design has

Secondly, dont expect too much benefit. Schema cache will help IBO
initialise queries etc more quickly, but that generally happens only
when you open a form and prepare the queries. It will not help all
that much with generic operations during normal use. If your
application is going to be used over a slow link you need to look
carefully at how you design your queries - and particularly your
lookups - to minimise the data going over the link. (Alternatively
you may want to consider a thin client solution, which allows the
application to be designed as per user requirement instead of
technical limitations.)

Thirdly can you be more specific? What is it that is giving you

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing