Subject RE: [IBO] PessimisticLocking problem.
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> Subject: Re: [IBO] PessimisticLocking problem.
> Some weeks ago, I asked a question about pessimistic locking and
> you answered,
> that it is no good idea, that two persons work on the same data
> at the same
> time. Is this not the advantage of C/S-Databases, that several
> persons can work
> simultaneously on the same data ?

So your company takes two simultaneous phone calls from the same user and
modifies his/her key data at the same time, made by two clerks, for example?
Or perhaps you have people changing the prices for the same articles at the
same time?
I think that for general usage of the locking option (experience of users),
this can be routed to the IBDI list. That's about usage, not technical
details. For background and insight, then go to IB-Architect.
Personally, I think that this is not the list to discuss this wide topic.
And at risk of sounding aggressive, I suggest that if you have strong
feelings or problems with optimistic locking and given that this is IB's
primary mechanism, you should look at another engine. I use to say that I
will try to pick the best tool (or the one that suits best v/s budget) for
each task. If all my app is about locking and I need to recoved latest
autoinc field once applied (as opposed to generators trick), I use MsSql,
not IB.