Subject Re: [IBO] Adding Users
Author Geoff Worboys
> Does the AlterUser function just look for ISC4.gdb on the
> local pc and try and update that?

The following applies to IB5.x and IB6.

You do not have to specify the location of the ISC4 database, nor do
you have to connect to it. However the IBO connection instance that
you use must have a valid database connection - or at least enough
detail to work out the protocol and server being used.

The connection that you use must have defined a Username and Password
that is authorised to make the change - by default only SYSDBA is
capable of configuring user details.

So: for a reliable trial setup your connection with a valid server and
protocol definition and install SYSDBA as the user and whatever SYSDBA
password. Then call...

IB_Connection.AlterUser( uaAddUser,
'JBLOGGS', // the new username
'secret', // the new user password
'', // groupname if any
'Joe', // first name of new user
'Falstaff', // middle name of new user
'Bloggs' ); // last name of new user

IBO will take this, and fill out the API requirements, including the
SYSDBA username and password and server details from the connection
and call the API function. It is then upto the API to find the
server, and the server to find the ISC4 database.

This should work. You should not try to connect to ISC4 to update the
USERS table directly. Although there was UDF code available to
support doing this somewhere, I would not recommend it. If you want a
user to be able to change their own password there are other ways
around the problem.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing