Subject RE: [IBO] Adding Users
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:25 PM 01-03-01 +1300, you wrote:
>I haven't got the full version so I am only guessing at what is going on...
>With more experimentation I have found that it doesn't matter what database
>you connect to as long as it is local, it seems to work...
> >From this I gather that my use of the AlterUser function may have been
>incorrect. I assumed that if you connected directly to ISC4.gdb (even
>remotely) that it would work. But it seems that IBO tries to find ISC4.gdb
>itself somehow.
>Does the AlterUser function just look for ISC4.gdb on the local pc and try
>and update that?

Kinda, yes, if you have the database on the local pc. <g>

IB isn't a local database, it is a server database. ISC4.gdb has to be located in the root directory where the server program is. It doesn't work any other way - your server is (presumably) secure; none of your clients could be.

>So to conclude, if you want to update users remotely you have to use IB6 and
>the IBX services controls??

You can log into the server as SYSDBA from any remote client. Do you understand that logging into the server is "one thing" while logging into a database on that server is "another thing"? Any user defined in ISC4 can access any database on the server, provided is has been granted privileges to that database. SYSDBA has full destructive privileges to all databases, including ISC4.

The IBX Services controls aren't "magic bullets" that somehow replace the server utilities or the security database. They encapsulate (to a degree) the Services API which was *supposed* to surface an interface layer to the server utilities. It "sort-of" works but it would be foolhardy to assume they are as safe as the command-line utilties.

The Services API was, to a significant degree, an unfinished, failed experiment. It's a liquorice allsorts API, a mixed bag of function calls to the database and some shared libraries and invocation calls to the command-line executables (and Who Knows What concealed magic tricks for -user policitically -password correct? <g> JUST KIDDING).


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