Subject o.t. statement (was Re: [IBO] iboBars Shortcut)
Author Andreas Pohl
I'm a member of ibo list since about 1998 / 1999. I noticed always same
behavior of new ibo users (including myself):

1. they asked something and they are surprised about Jason's quick response
2. they lament about bad documentation
3. they suggest some improvements of ibo
4. they trying to do sth. special
5. they are decided to install ibo's latest release
6. Jason usually found a better (more generic) solution
7. they beginning to understand more of ibo's philosophy
8. they starting to search in ibo's code before reenventing the wheel and
bothering other
9. they desire for next release
10. they are pleased with ibo

This is my current state, maybe there are some more...

Mit freundlichem Gruss & Best Regards

Andreas Pohl

> Ibo has more under the hood than it seems at the first glance. Especially
> the small details make it mighty :-))