Subject Web DB Pool
We dont have much experience in development of web/IB systems but are
trying to 'position' ourselves for some upcoming customer

One of the things that concerns me (using ISAPI) is that each DB
access creates its own connection for each transaction. This causes
a time delay and presumably can cause chaos when too many connections
are attempted at once (also using IB5.6 has licence implications?).

I therefore read with interest an article in The Delphi Magazine by
Jason Southwell on Web Database Pooling.

He presents components that can be used as follows
When the dll is loaded a predefined number of connections are
When a query is requested it is placed in a queue and then attached
to a free connection and processed. If the queue is full the user
gets a 'Please try again' error.

I have converted this to work with IBO - although needs some more

So - questions to those more experienced in this stuff

1* Are the basic assumptions that this is built on correct and is
it a good idea?

2* Does anyone want me to upload the code?