Subject RE: [IBO] Web DB Pool
Author Michael L. Horne
Hello Paul,

I would be interested in seeing the code.

However, before you spend a lot of time developing code
for ISAPI, you might want to check out . It takes care of the
lot of the overhead of designing a site for you.

Good Luck
Michael L. Horne

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> Subject: [IBO] Web DB Pool
> We dont have much experience in development of web/IB systems but are
> trying to 'position' ourselves for some upcoming customer
> requirements.
> One of the things that concerns me (using ISAPI) is that each DB
> access creates its own connection for each transaction. This causes
> a time delay and presumably can cause chaos when too many connections
> are attempted at once (also using IB5.6 has licence implications?).
> I therefore read with interest an article in The Delphi Magazine by
> Jason Southwell on Web Database Pooling.
> He presents components that can be used as follows
> When the dll is loaded a predefined number of connections are
> established
> When a query is requested it is placed in a queue and then attached
> to a free connection and processed. If the queue is full the user
> gets a 'Please try again' error.
> I have converted this to work with IBO - although needs some more
> work.
> So - questions to those more experienced in this stuff
> 1* Are the basic assumptions that this is built on correct and is
> it a good idea?
> 2* Does anyone want me to upload the code?
> Regards
> Paul
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