Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Autolabel bug or bad behaviour
Author Leonardo Quijano
On 22 Feb 2001, at 9:26, mmenaz@... wrote:

> That's good for my needs, thanks :) Just considering that, on my
> opinion, the ability of defining VERTICAL position on left labels and
> LEFT position on top labels is much more rare than having to change
> left distance in left labels and top distance in top labels, so
> "margin" property is not good implemented. I think that 99% of control
> users have to do what I do, and just 1% will take some advantage from
> your design, but at this point you should make live easier to 99% and
> let that 1% use distinct label controls...

Count me in one of the 99% who thinks its kinda weird the way
margin property is managed. So, for everybody to be happy, why
not VertMargin and HorzMargin?

BTW, do you know of other books on interface design besides
Cooper's ??. I haven't bought any of his but I would like to see more.

Leonardo Quijano