Subject Re: Autolabel bug or bad behaviour
--- In IBObjects@y..., "Geoff Worboys" <geoff@t...> wrote:
> > c) I want to increase the space between the end of the label
> > (if left to the control) and the control, or the label and
> > the top of the control (if top to the control). The property
> > "margin" moves the label left/right if on top, or up/down if
> > on the left. This is just the opposite of what should be.
> Originally the label was using a layout of Center - but this caused
> difficulties with Memo controls. So Margin was added so that the
> layout could be Top, with a Margin definition provided to allow
> from the top (for albLeft labels) to give better appearance.
> You can achieve additional spacing on the right of the label by
> a Suffix of one or more spaces. I generally add a suffix of ": "
> which gives a nice look to the labels (I think).

That's good for my needs, thanks :) Just considering that, on my
opinion, the ability of defining VERTICAL position on left labels and
LEFT position on top labels is much more rare than having to change
left distance in left labels and top distance in top labels, so
"margin" property is not good implemented. I think that 99% of control
users have to do what I do, and just 1% will take some advantage from
your design, but at this point you should make live easier to 99% and
let that 1% use distinct label controls...
Anyway, thanks for AutoLabel addition, it's really RAD :)
Just a humble read suggestion: go to and, if you can,
buy his books. You will discover a new world in program design, be
sure :)
Marco Menardi