Subject Re: [IBO] Autolabel bug or bad behaviour
Author Jason Wharton
Could someone out there please fix these issues and send the changes to me
for inclusion in the next sub-release?

Tobias? Geoff? Anyone?

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Autolabel bug or bad behaviour

> IBO 3.6.Cf:
> AutoLabel property of IB_Edit or IB_EditEnh:
> a) the "model" sub property let you choose (at design time) the same
> control (itself), hanging Dephi (crash!)
> b) the "model" sub property can be circular, i.e. Control1 has
> Control2 as model, while Control2 has Control1. No problem at design
> time, I don't know at runtime.
> c) I want to increase the space between the end of the label (if left
> to the control) and the control, or the label and the top of the
> control (if top to the control). The property "margin" moves the label
> left/right if on top, or up/down if on the left. This is just the
> opposite of what should be. (I can not use the "RelativePosition"
> property because I want labels being "right aligned" on the left of
> the controls). I think my needs are the right one and there was just
> an inversion on your code.
> Thanks
> Marco Menardi
> btw, how can I have my name under the "author" column of this
> newsgroup instead of my e-mail address? I did'n find such an option...
> help! :)
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