Subject Re: Files - downloading problems.
Author Frank Ingermann

--- In IBObjects@y..., Helen Borrie <helebor@w...> wrote:
> If you have set up your email client for html, then you are likely
to receive Yahoo's ads as html. Since html postings are regarded as
bad netiquette on most lists (including this one) you really only have
yourself to thank if you continue to get html.

it seems i must be missing something very obvious here (and i admit i
know just enough about using the internet to read & post ... at least
i thought so...)

here's what i do, maybe you could point out to a real online dummy
what other options i have:

- to read this group, i use netscape (navigator 4.7), open, click "Last" and try to find
something of interest. (after clicking on "Thread" 'cause otherwise i
lose my orientation immediatly) If there is, and i'd like to reply
(like now) i press the "Sign In" link, enter username&pwd, go back to
the msg and press the "Reply" link below the msg. This brings me here
(another html page with a memo i'm just typing into), and when i'm
done i press the "Send" button below... this is all happening 100% in
html and the Navigator (not Messenger :( and all online :((

i guessed this to be the way it was designed to work (what else should
these links be there for??), but if there is any other way, than
*please* give me a hint... reading this group currently costs me three
times the time of borland.public.interbase (where i do it in the
Messenger, with plain text), although the throughput of msgs is
significantly higher there...

I really appreciate netiquette and try to stick to it, but *what* have
i missed here????

tia, in deep desperation --