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Subject: Re: [IBO] Re: Files - downloading problems.

> It is a pity that the mentality is that the only way to make money is
> keep changing things. I would love the DOS box back as well. But more
> important, I would like a Windows operating system that I can decide
> what is installed - I don't need MSN loaded along with all the other
> crap - when I have disabled all internet components, my customers
> specifically do not want internet access.

Personally I think that the only real problem DOS had was the 1MB
memory limit. If M$ would have picked an extended memory
architecture that worked, made a re-entrant kernel API, and
implemented devlce handling in kernel space, then much of the other
crap, including the GUI could have been bolt-on, but Bill and the
gang were so happy they were able to steal from Steve the technology
that Steve stole from PARC, that we got Windows instead.

Actually if extended memory, a re-entrant kernel API, and proper
device handling had been built into DOS, it would look a lot like
Linux does.

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