Subject Autolabel bug or bad behaviour
IBO 3.6.Cf:
AutoLabel property of IB_Edit or IB_EditEnh:
a) the "model" sub property let you choose (at design time) the same
control (itself), hanging Dephi (crash!)
b) the "model" sub property can be circular, i.e. Control1 has
Control2 as model, while Control2 has Control1. No problem at design
time, I don't know at runtime.
c) I want to increase the space between the end of the label (if left
to the control) and the control, or the label and the top of the
control (if top to the control). The property "margin" moves the label
left/right if on top, or up/down if on the left. This is just the
opposite of what should be. (I can not use the "RelativePosition"
property because I want labels being "right aligned" on the left of
the controls). I think my needs are the right one and there was just
an inversion on your code.
Marco Menardi

btw, how can I have my name under the "author" column of this
newsgroup instead of my e-mail address? I did'n find such an option...
help! :)