Subject Re: [IBO] DisplayLabel limits?
Author Jason Wharton

If you have declared a domain to handle your boolean type you can make a
column attribute at the connection level using the name of the domain
instead of the column. Then, if you include the check for domain names, all
columns that are based on that domain will take on the column attributes
entered for their domain.

This can greatly reduce the number of global entries at the connection
level. It obviously isn't going to do it for DisplayLabel entries but for
the other properties it will help.

Also, I do use sorting and a bracketed search when looking for a match so it
should be fairly quick even with up to 300 items in those lists.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] DisplayLabel limits?

> How does domain association work? I have heard this discussed before, but
> never understood how it worked.
> Paul
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> > I have applications with many entries in the connection properties
> > (around 300 I think) - although I have been able to minimise the
> > problem by using domain association where possible.