Subject Re: [IBO] DisplayLabel limits?
Author Geoff Worboys
> How many entries can I put in FieldsDisplayLabel in a
> connection component? I am up to about 150, and was just
> wondering if anyone has seen any performance problems or
> any other problems with large numbers of entries. I guess
> the same question would apply to other properties like
> FieldsDisplayWidth. I find it very convenient to define
> these things only once, in the Connection, but there are
> getting to be a LOT of them.

I have applications with many entries in the connection properties
(around 300 I think) - although I have been able to minimise the
problem by using domain association where possible.

I guess you will hit performance problems eventually, but mostly these
should only be experienced while preparing datasets - since at that
time IBO takes the most common aspects and assigns them directly to
the IB_Column instances. How much of a problem you will see, and how
soon you experience it, will probably depend on how complex your forms
are (how many datasets etc).

My suggestion would be to just keep going and see what happens. If
you start to see too much of a performance hit, move some of the least
common names/values back into the datasets.

A long time ago I spoke with Jason about ways of boosting the
stringlist performance. I even wrote some code to optimise the
searching of the stringlists. As it turned out the "improvements"
made very little difference so I dropped the changes. I mention this
only to say that; if you start to experience noticable problems then
perhaps we can take another look at my earlier ideas.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing