Subject Re: DisplayLabel limits?
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Geoff,

while you're on the subject: do you have anything like a cross
reference on *what* TIB_StringLists can/must contain *which* syntax
(or a link where to find it)? something like this:

FieldsAlignment ::= [tablename.]fieldname=[L|C|R]
FieldsDisplayLabel ::= [tablename.]fieldname=<text>
FieldsIndex ::= [tablename.]fieldname

i'm still working on my IBO-supporting property editor, but i found
that many of those list properties can do things you wouldn't guess
(see below :) and in the IBO.hlp i can only find that info on *some*
of the properties. i was just wondering if some documentation on this
exists - would make my life a lot easier to add some nice ibo-features
to the editor!


--- In IBObjects@y..., "Geoff Worboys" <geoff@t...> wrote:
> > How does domain association work? I have heard this
> > discussed before, but never understood how it worked.
> Take a look at TIB_Connection.FieldEntryTypes. Set the
> option true. Now in the Fields* properties you can include lines
> as...
> in FieldsDisplayLabel. Every field with that domain will receive
> "Name" as its label - unless a more specific definition exists for
> field name itself. This is particularly good with
> and some of the other Fields* properties, since many of these tend
> relate to domains rather than particular fields (whatever they are
> named).
> Note: This may lead to some additional delays in first time
> preparations, but I found these to be quite acceptable for the
> convenience of this feature.
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing