Subject IBO Licencing
Author Norman Dunbar

I quote from the IBO.HLP file :

quote :
With my approval and upon request only, there is no charge for access to
these components and their sources for those who will not be profiting
financially by their use or who are contributing to it. For example, this
may include but is not limited to:

Hobbyists wanting to extend their skills in their free time.
end quote

I have installed a copy of IB Objects from the CD of the book 'C++ Builder 5
Developer's Guide' and I fall into the category of Hobbyist.
I am trying to learn IBO on my work PC in my lunch hour - progress is slow,
but I'm getting somewhere thanks to the Getting Started Guide.
(I would like to contribute to the project at some time in the future when I

I hope that by using IBO on my work PC I am not breaking the above ?
In addition, I haven't specifically asked for permission to use IBO in this
way - so I am asking now.
May I have your permission to carry on learning ?

(Although I am a DBA, it is for Oracle - we don't use IB at work, and I am
not intending to produce any utilities/programs/etc for work or for
distribution. Everything is purely for my own learning.)

Regards, Norman.

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