Subject Re: [IBO] XML
Author Marius Popa
why not look at the interclient is "
The InterBase InterClient™ product allows developers to create Java
applications and applets that communicate with an InterBase database over a
WAN or LAN. This document, the InterClient Introduction, is an introduction
to JDBC concepts and the InterClient JDBC driver for InterBase.
so if you know how to use xml in java i think is no problem after u connect
with ib
there is a download somewere on
products-->interbase --something like
i also kwnow there are some problems with interclient something like 20 is
the max connections
never test it but u have to ask on ib-java list they are the head of
java,jsp stuff

At 13:16 20.02.2001 -0300, you wrote:
>Can we use XML and Java to access a Interbase BD like with Oracle?