Subject future ...IBO-Java,IBOc++,or MSobjects ???
Author Marius Popa
i thought what will be the next move of ibo ...
in the future i will use diferent tools for my projects (C++,java)
and i need real objects to work with
-look to develop from some classes that connect to ib
without any gds.dll
- don't like the jdbc aproach (to fuzzy for me ...)
for example if i need to develop for some palm or pocketpc to have the objects
at my hand if i have to use VC++ or the net platform to have them also with me
shure i can use ib-perl but don't know yet enough perl to use it with
visual perl
ok the next move of the ibo should be the connection sharing arena
if you have to have 3000 users on your server what you do ??
have to keep the people on the same conn. but without them to observe
i know there is some dbovernet but they do'nt have the trustware ideea :(
the other question is if the ibo-wave will move to the other db's
like ms,or oracle ...
love the ideea of oodb but look at ibo they are oo and db
shure is hard to port it but the ideea is to work directly with the api in
a oo way
like u do