Subject IBO VirtualTree
Author Paul Gallagher
Hi all....

I have a working demo of the IB_VTree functioning with DragDrop, and editable tree mostly done. If there is interest in it, I will be happy to upload it to the files area. Otherwise, I will wait till it is more complete. I still need to work on the Insert routines. I have added a "FolderConstraints" property. This makes the tree act like Windows Explorer. When FolderConstraints is true, it will use user identified OpenFolder and CloseFolder Icons, and will not allow nodes to be dropped or inserted into non-folder nodes. This is actually something that Mike may want to consider building into the BaseClass.

It is really amazing how fast it is, at least on small tables. The bad news is, I see no way around needing a "structured" table, with parent field. Otherwise, how could the tree possibly know how to build itself? Currently, I am using an integer field for the parent field, and KeyField, but I see no reason why it could not be converted to variant type, if someone wants to put a little effort into it.

The demo/test project is a simulation of the InternetExplorer Favorites sidebar. It's not perfect, but its good.


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