Subject SQLWhereItems Problem
First of all - late but sincerely meant congratulations to Jason and
the other contributors to IBO on the Delphi Informant Readers Choice
2001 award!

I have a unit which prints documents. It is passed a string which
contains the SQLWhereItems.Text from another unit. This string is
then stored in a local variable in the print form for use by the
queries OnPrepares.

The first TIBOQuery which extracts the document headers for printing
works fine. When printing is complete another query is executed
with an update statement to mark the documents as printed. This
creates an error 'unknown token line 2 char 1 WHERE'. Examining the
SQLMonitor output shows that the SQL has been created as follows

line 1 - blank
line 2 - WHERE ... all the correct conditions
line last - UPDATE table set . . .

the SQL appears to be upside down with the update statement at the
end :-/

Any ideas?

D5 V3.6A