Subject Re: [IBO] Strange TFieldTypes
Author Rohit Gupta
In 3.6cf

Problem # 1

The culprit is the bde/vcl bug that you have emulated. I have commented it
out. I feel that if you must do this, you should use a registry entry to
control it. If I wanted really buggy things, I would use the VCL :-)

This is to do with BindingError when the fieldtype is numeric (x.y) and you
change it to largeint. It is obviously numeirc and obviously has a scale so
why would anyone want it to be largeint. Basically, as soon as a change is
made to a fieldtype in the database and the table is attempted to be opened
on the form - it gets an error, and then all the numeric-float fields want
to become largeints.

I spent hours on this before finally tracking it down in the ibdataset code.

Problem # 2 - to do with bcdfields. The fields in question used to be
smallint and have now been changed to numeric (9,4). On opening the table
on the form (event after changing the field in the dfm and pas files to
tibofloatfield or tibobcdfield... when the table is opened, I get "Fieldtype
not supported" - only in the IDE. I havent figured this one out yet.

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Strange TFieldTypes

> I don't think there are enough details in the open here to be able to
> Can you tell us a little more about what is going on?
> Have you ensured your packages are fully refreshed?
> Thanks,
> Jason Wharton
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> Subject: [IBO] Strange TFieldTypes
> > After converting all TFloatFields in the 200+ forms to
> > TIBOFLoatFields, we now get the complaint that the field should be
> > largeint instead of ibofloat. The field is defined in the database as
> > numeric (12,3).
> >
> > We also have the situation where the complaint for numeric (9,4) is
> > unsupported field type. The field selected is TIBOBCDField.
> >
> > Whats happening, does any one know ?
> > Regards
> >
> > Rohit
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