Subject Re: [IBO] Connect via Telephone
> What I would recommend is an Asta/IBO combination.

Why? IBO will run quite happily and faster direct into the remote

> I did some testing with 49K connection and a 24K connection and got very
> reasonable response times. This was a dialup situation in Dallas, TX to the
> internet, going to my office's server which is on a DSL connection. I was
> getting if not 1 second response time, then it wasn't much more.

It does depend on the type of connection - direct dial-up can give some
very good responces.

> Again, you
> have to be very careful what you're pulling down from the server to your
> client.

The key is design. SchemaCache helps by keeping metadata local to the
Any information that is not variable, or can be downloaded at the start
of a session can also be worthwhile. It depends on what you are trying
to do as to responce time, but get the server to do the work and keep
the answers (i.e. Grids) to a minimum unless you really have to.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services