Subject RE: [IBO] Connect via Telephone
Author Kevin Stanton
I tried something like this but over a direct 128K line and response time
was a bit slow.
And I had even rewritten my app to really be conscious of the amount of data
being pulled across.

What I would recommend is an Asta/IBO combination.

I did some testing with 49K connection and a 24K connection and got very
reasonable response times. This was a dialup situation in Dallas, TX to the
internet, going to my office's server which is on a DSL connection. I was
getting if not 1 second response time, then it wasn't much more. Again, you
have to be very careful what you're pulling down from the server to your


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> Subject: [IBO] Connect via Telephone
> Hi High, High level list.
> Please,
> I wanna to know
> if IBO could connect a server using a telephone.
> If I install an Interbase Client on a computer can I connect with a
> far away Server using the Telephone line?
> Tony