Subject Re: Connect via Telephone
Truly, very high level list.

Thanks to Kevin and Lester


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> > What I would recommend is an Asta/IBO combination.
> Why? IBO will run quite happily and faster direct into the remote
> server.
> > I did some testing with 49K connection and a 24K connection and
got very
> > reasonable response times. This was a dialup situation in
Dallas, TX to the
> > internet, going to my office's server which is on a DSL
connection. I was
> > getting if not 1 second response time, then it wasn't much more.
> It does depend on the type of connection - direct dial-up can give
> very good responces.
> > Again, you
> > have to be very careful what you're pulling down from the server
to your
> > client.
> The key is design. SchemaCache helps by keeping metadata local to
> client.
> Any information that is not variable, or can be downloaded at the
> of a session can also be worthwhile. It depends on what you are
> to do as to responce time, but get the server to do the work and
> the answers (i.e. Grids) to a minimum unless you really have to.
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